• Pricing/Deposits

    Our pricing varies on a number of things including charted size, coloring, eye color, genetics, conformation etc. Pricing is subject to change at any time and may go up or down depending on how the puppy develops. Pricing will not change after a deposit has been placed. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy until the puppy is ready to go home. We do not hold a puppy without a deposit. The remaining balance is due at pick-up. If the puppy is being sent with a flight nanny or via ground transport, the remaining balance is required to be paid 24hrs before the puppy leaves our home. This is to be sure that we do not have difficulties with the electronic payments. The payment has to clear before the puppy can leave. We are willing to video-call with customers prior to a deposit being placed.

    We will now be doing a standard price as follows:

    Whites, Creams, Piebalds and Black&Tans - $2,000.00

    Black&White, Red/Chocolate&White, Silvers and Unmasked Merles - $2,500.00

    Masked Merle - $3,000.00

    Breeding rights to established breeders - additional $1,000.

    Charted weights may cause a slight deviation from these prices. We reserve the right to change each puppy's price at any time, prior to a deposit being placed. Once a deposit is placed, pricing WILL NOT change.

    You can join our waitlist for $500. We will quote you a price depending on what you are looking for. You can make payments while on our waitlist that will come off of your final price. The quote you are provided is good for 12 months. If a puppy is not chosen within 18 months, you will automatically be moved to the bottom of the waitlist.

    Breeders - We will Embark test puppies upon request, at your expense, up to 2 weeks of age. Embark has a slow turn-around. We can not hold puppies while waiting on results longer than 6 weeks. Gensol, Animal Genetics and Paw Print Genetics have quick turn-around times and will be accepted past two weeks old, at your expense.

  • Available Puppies

    Gidget just had her last litter. 2 chocolate boys and 1 white girl. We will post them soon.

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    Chocolate Male

    This boy is wooly with blue eyes. He is charting in the 15lb range. He loves to play. We can send a video upon request.

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    Rizzo is officially retiring! She will be spayed and looking for her furever family. Her bday is 6/7/2019. Contact us if you are interested in giving her an amazing home. We will be very picky!

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    Gidget is officially retiring! She will be spayed and looking for her furever family. Her bday is 7/19/2020. Contact us if you are interested in giving her an amazing home. We will be very picky! She just had her current litter on 10/20/2023. She will be ready to go around Christmas after her babies have went to their new homes.

  • Upcoming Litters

    Ziva has been paired with Sauer for clear, EE, DD/Dd, Bb/BB, DupDup babies. All puppies will be black/white with blue eyes. There will be a mixture of coat types.

  • Our Ladies

    Our entire pack does not live with us, but come to us often! Click on their picture for Embark results.

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    F1 Pomsky. Rizzo is only 15lbs and has an amazing coat. Rizzo was bred by us. Her dam is Mika and her sire is Gatsby. Rizzo is genetically clear.

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    F3 Pomsky. Shasta is 20lbs. She is amazing! She has a panel to make any rare color. Shasta is genetically clear.

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    F2 Pomsky. Gidget is only 9lbs and absolutely gorgeous. She has made incredible babies for us.

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    F2 Pomsky. Ziva is currently 15lbs. Her coat is very thick. She is a Lyla/Legend baby, bred by us. She is genetically clear.

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    F2 Pomsky. Pearl is a Rose/Slater baby and future momma for us in 2023. She is charting in the 25lb range. Embark is pending but we do know she is Dd, bb. She has short tight ears, just like her dad!

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    F3 Pomsky. Betty is 9lbs. She is from one of our original lines, going back to Louie. Penny is her great-grandmother. She has a wooly coat and blue eyes. Embark Pending.

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    F2 Pomsky. Sephora is an Iris/Rocco baby and future momma for us in 2023! She is 15lbs.

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    Kimber is 13lbs and still getting her adult coat in. She is stunning! We can not wait for more merle babies! Embark Pending.

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    F2 Pomsky. Chloe is 9lbs of fluff. She is a Penny/Rocco baby. She has an incredibly wooly coat. Chloe is genetically clear.

  • Our Studs

    Pricing for stud services are listed below. Click on their picture for Embark results.

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    Sauer is our keeper boy from Slater and Gidget. He has an amazing panel. He is genetically clear and can produce a rainbow of colors. EE and no e3 for hidden white. Dd/Bb, DupDup. He is 15lbs.

    Stud fee: $2,800

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    Riesling is our keeper boy from Rocco and Penny. He is a wooly, masked, silver merle. He will produce gorgeous thick coat babies for us. He will make his debut in late 2023. He is only 10lbs. Embark is currently processing.

    Stud fee: $2,000

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    Rocco is a 15lb F1 extreme wooly chocolate Pomsky. He is completely clear genetically. He produces amazing coats and great personalities. He does not collect for AI. Rocco is retired and looking for a new couch! Message us if you are interested in making him yours!

    Stud Fee: $2,000