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    Puppies must be paid in FULL prior to them leaving. We do not accept checks. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy until the puppy is ready to go home. We do not hold a puppy without a deposit. The remaining balance is due at pick-up. If the puppy is being sent with a flight nanny or via ground transport, the remaining balance is required to be paid 24hrs before the puppy leaves our home. This is to be sure that we do not have difficulties with the electronic payments. The payment has to clear before the puppy can leave. We accept Zelle (765-744-5313), Cashapp ($HatzOffPuppies), Venmo (@Hatz-Off-Puppies) (*only as a payment between friends*) and cash. Please add us as a friend before using Cashapp or Venmo to ensure the payment is not going to the wrong person. We also accept payments through GoodDog. You can use a debit/credit card through GoodDog. You can choose to pay a fee through GoodDog for their protection policy. You can find our link to GoodDog on our Home page.


    We offer $200 off for picking your puppy up in person. This discount will be applied to the final payment. Final payment must be paid in cash at pick up. We will still drive up to an hour for free to meet for pick up. You must mention the discount for it to be applied. This does not apply to puppies that are already marked on special. Returning buyers are given $500 off a regular priced puppy or $100 of a puppy marked on special. Offers can not be combined.

    Waitlist/Parent Group

    We occasionally open our waitlist for future buyers! You can join our waitlist for a non-refundable deposit of $500. We will quote you a price depending on what you are looking for. You can make payments while on our waitlist that will come off of your final price. The quote you are provided is good for 12 months. If a puppy is not chosen within 18 months, you will automatically be moved to the bottom of the waitlist. Once your waitlist deposit is received, you can join our waitlist group by clicking HERE. We will offer our puppies to you first, in the order that you joined. Once you have taken your puppy home, you will be removed from our waitlist. You are now welcome to join our parent group! We love to watch our babies grow and its easiest to get updates all in one place! Click HERE to join our parent pack! 


    At this time we do not allow pick-up in our home. We are willing to drive up to an hour for free to meet for pick-up. We sometimes are able to drive further for an additional fee. We offer delivery through a flight nanny. We take the puppy to the airport, the puppy rides with the nanny, in-cabin, to an airport of your choice. You have to meet the nanny at the airport and pay the nanny upon arrival for her fees. The nanny fees typically range between $550-$650. You are also welcome to fly into one of our four airports that are close. We would meet you at the airport for you to fly your baby home in-cabin with you. We also offer delivery through ground transport to select locations. These fees normally range between $200-$650 depending on distance. Our closest airports are IND, DAY, FWA and CVG.

    Puppy Packs

    Our puppies are socialized and handled daily. They will be sent with a collar, leash, toys, food, treats, bones and much more. *If your puppy is being sent with a flight nanny, a lot of these items can not be sent due to the available space with the nanny.* 


    All of our puppies come up to date on vaccinations and de-worming. They are also started on Revolt, a heartworm preventative, prior to leaving. Revolt treats for ticks, fleas, heartworms, ear mites, round worms and hook worms. Each puppy is examined by our vet prior to leaving and will come with a health certificate from our vet. They will also come with their health records from the vet and a two year health guarantee/contract. Your puppy has been dewormed at 2,4,6 & 8 weeks. All of our puppies receive a Neopar vaccination at 5 weeks old and Duramune Max 5 vaccination between 7&8 weeks. We suggest setting up an appointment with your vet prior to bringing your puppy home. Most vets are over booked right now and have a 2-4 week wait time for appointments. Your puppy will be ready for their next vaccine booster at 10-11 weeks old and will need their rabies vaccine at 12 weeks old. 

    Daily Information

    Your puppy has been started on potty training with a doggy door and is doing great! Our transition process for the puppies normally goes smoothly into their new homes. We advise all of our buyers to research crate training. Crate training helps speed up potty training and also gives your puppy a "den". The crate should be big enough for them to sleep in, but not too big that they can use half of it as their bathroom. We ALWAYS recommend puppies being crated when they are alone, until they are fully trained. This protects the puppy from getting into things that can harm them. Consistency is key with training! Your puppy is used to sleeping with their littermates and may cry at night. Please give them time to adjust as this is a huge change for them. 


    Your puppy is currently being fed Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice Puppy. Feeding scheduled is twice a day, 7a.m. and 7p.m. Please keep in mind this is Eastern time. They will take time to adjust to different time zones. We send food home with each puppy. We recommend staying on the same food. If you choose to switch food, please slowly mix the new food in with our food. This will help to not upset the puppy's belly. All of our adults are fed Purina Pro Plan Active Small Bites Lamb and Rice.  


    We recommend establishing a groomer for all of our breeds. Cavaliers will matt and need sanitation trims. Doodles develop matting before you can tell that they are matted. They will need consistent grooming to not have to be shaved all the way down. Pomskies need a sanitation cut (they clean up around their backside). Pomskies will need daily brushing when they are blowing their coats. Luckily this only happens once or twice a year. Undercoat Rakes work amazing. Make sure to purchase the appropriate size for your puppy. Dematting Rakes are also nice to have.